17 Dec From Cast Iron Weights, to a Conceivable Conversation with the King

During our last cold snap, before dawn, I sat on a duct-taped weight bench in my garage.  While literally steaming from exercise, I cracked open my Bible.

Feeling inexplicably led to the Psalms, I somehow “needed” to stop on chapter sixteen, verse six.  Here’s what it said:

The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.”

One place immediately came to mind:  Lighthouse Christian School.  Looking back on it now…

 I can imagine the Lord whispering,

“Jon, your dream job—for many, many years—has been full-time ministry.  But the timing wasn’t right.  I needed to allow you to be broken.

Your 30’s were brutally tough, but I made sure that the darkness, desperation, and discouragement you endured ‘worked together for good’ (Rom 8:28) to prepare you for this wonderful location, a place that I breathed life into:  Lighthouse Christian School.” 

I picture Him continuing,

“I know you doubted that you’d ever get to openly speak and write about Me on a regular basis, but I am the God of blessings and fulfilled dreams, who ‘gives you the desires of your heart…’ (Psalm 37:4) providing that those wishes are from Me.

You’re older now, but I’ve made you wiser.  You’re weaker now, but you’ve realized that I alone make you strong, as I Am your ‘hope of glory’ (Col 1:27).  See how I am lovingly spoiling you here?

Do you not regularly hear the children singing?  Do they not, each week, bring soft tears to your eyes?  Their praise is pure, because My love is perfect.

Don’t you cherish the encouraging emails, phone calls, and conversations that I send to you through LCS parents?  Of course you do.

For I see how you are still amazed that families and staff continually fill your life-sails with fresh, clean air. 

In fact, I hear you joyfully chuckle as you type.  And now I perceive your silence (as profound gratitude makes your throat catch with emotion), while you consider all that I have done.”

If my King was really intoning those words to me, I think I’d respond,

“Dear God, you truly have let the boundary lines fall for me in pleasant places.  At home, I love my wife more than ever and rejoice in four healthy children.  And at work I have peace in my spirit, and joy in my heart.  I have fellowship.  I see You working here, Father. 


I know that all of these good things will pale in comparison with an eternity in Your Golden City—when my eternal, delightful inheritance is in view—but in the meantime, it’s awfully nice to live and serve ‘under [Your] wings’ (Psalm 91:40), in this school built on true faith.”

Yes, dear friends, were I to hear the Lord whisper to me, that is what I’d say.

For now I’ll write it—an acknowledgement, from the heart, that my life has never been better…

And that our Savior continues to bless me and mine.


Through you.

Merry Christ Mass,

Jon Johansen