Lighthouse Christian School is continuing to closely monitor the changes and updates regarding Covid-19. This fall, Lighthouse will continue to offer our families quality, Christ-centered education, through on-campus learning.

Dear Lighthouse families,


After a blessed 2020-21 school year, we find ourselves navigating a new school year by God’s grace in the midst of COVID-related challenges. Since September 1st, Lighthouse has been providing in-person, on-campus instruction. We remain flexible to respond to the health and safety needs of our families and staff as we continue to provide quality, Christ-centered education for every student. Lighthouse school leadership will be mindful of all state and local guidelines, taking into consideration employee and parent feedback, when making decisions about school operations.


Our current comprehensive plan for the opening of school: COVID-19 Response Plan 2021-22.  This is our second year navigating the challenges of COVID-19 and it has been a team effort involving all school leadership to formulate the direction we will be taking. This plan includes:


  •  Overall guidelines for operations
  •  COVID protocol updates
  •  How to stay connected


Although our plans may need to change over the coming months, we believe this plan provides the most likely overall summary of school operations this fall. We will also be conducting Virtual Town Hall meetings to keep our LCS families updated.


Whenever plans are formulated for the upcoming school year, I am reminded of our history and the mission and values that have guided our school’s operations. Lighthouse Christian School was started by parents who wanted a school to train their children to be Christ-centered and to set a Biblical foundation for every student. Lighthouse stays committed to providing in-person, quality, Christ-centered education that will nurture the whole child.


Thank you for your continued partnership. May the Lord bless and guide you and your family with His wisdom throughout the upcoming school year.


Living to serve,


Stephen Roddy
Head of School