Equipped with a 24-station iMac computer lab and two Apple Mobile labs, the technology program at Lighthouse Christian serves as the foundation for technology integration into all aspects of the curriculum. Lighthouse Christian School purposefully integrates technology into all core subjects to engage and prepare students as 21st century learners.  Staff training and student skill training are a focus as Lighthouse uses high-level technology skills within all classroom curriculum. Elementary classrooms are each equipped with ten Chromebook laptops that are used for Accelerated Reader, Adaptive Mind for math, as well as research and other cloud computing educational applications.

Middle School Technology 

Our BYOD iPad program is an integral part of preparing our middle school students for a successful high school career and beyond! We incorporate Office 365 into our tool set and teach our students to effectively use this and other cloud computing tools. iPads are used throughout our middle school classrooms. A vital part of our program includes teaching our students Biblical Digital Citizenship ©- incorporating sound Biblical principles while learning to safely navigate the internet.

Middle School Technology Integration 2017-20 (pdf)

BEYOND Technology Education – BTE

Building on a Lighthouse Christian School Board emphasis to prepare Lighthouse students for success through technology, students and teachers alike hit the ground running in September 2012 with a new technology initiative called BEYOND Technology Education (BTE).

The mission of BTE  is to inspire administrators, teachers and students to use computer technology to improve innovation, complex problem solving and creative thinking within their classroom curriculum. The program will help schools ramp up their teacher’s skills while addressing students’ abilities and classroom curriculum.

Students in Kindergarten through eighth grade advanced their skills using Microsoft’s Power Point, Excel and Word applications through individualized instruction from a dedicated technology teacher as well as in the classroom. Thanks to a generous grant from the Grindstone Foundation for the 2013-14 school year, Lighthouse was able to set a path as a leader in integrated technology.

“Giving students the ability to use technology in their learning is one of the most powerful tools that we can give them,” says Stephen Roddy, Principal and Director of Education. “Students and teachers are taught to integrate the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Curriculum) learning objectives including internet, spreadsheets, databases, word-processing, multi-media, desktop publishing, basic computer skills, graphics and other Web 2.0 tools. Teachers also integrate technology in their instruction through on-going professional development.”