04 Dec LCS’ Very Own Holiday Miracle

God is so, SO good, is He not? I find myself smiling as I type those words. Our Father has led our children to this school—Lighthouse Christian.

Our kids are learning and laughing and growing, and—most of all—developing a greater love for Jesus.

But what about us adults?

Turns out that the Lord is touching our hearts too. In fact…

Here’s a palpable, powerful, kinda crazy example:

Last week an outsider came to ask questions of an LCS staffer. Despite feeling worn out from a sinus infection, our worker felt obliged to offer the man coffee and water.

A little later in their meeting the LCS employee felt led to say, “Thank you for working so hard in a difficult field. Guys like you literally help take away my worry.”

After their face-to-face, the worker walked his guest to the front doors, and suddenly sensed an overwhelming urge to ask:

“May I pray for you?”

The newcomer got strangely silent [were there tears forming in his eyes?] before whispering, “That would be great.”

After lifting the man’s life before the Throne, the LCS representative added, “Thanks again for coming. You are making a difference.”

The guest slowly shook his head [those WERE tears forming] and breathed a reply:

Man… I just… I’ve just been tryin’ to get my life together. This morning I was thinking about it. And here I am. I never come to Gig Harbor, ever. I think I was supposed to be here… to be encouraged.”

“You know what?” our LCS staffer offered, “I know that you were supposed to be here today. This is what we call a ‘divine appointment.’ Would you like to talk about it?”

The man smiled and answered, “Yeah. Yeah, I would.”

Forty-five minutes into their open, honest conversation, the school worker had several words appear in his mind, as though from a Still, Small Voice. He offered them to the guest:

“There are two types of prayers we can pray, both of which have life-changing power.

One is to ask Jesus into our hearts to be our Lord and Savior. The other is for those of us who already know Him, but have walked away—it’s a prayer of recommitting our lives to Him.

Does either of those prayers express the desire of your heart?”

Another grin from the visitor.

Another slow shake of his head.

More tears in his eyes.

“Yeah man,” he answered, “the second one. At times I’ve walked away from God with women and drinking. I just got engaged and I have a son. I don’t wanna be that way anymore. I’m trying to be a positive person….”

And he really did pray a prayer of recommitment to Christ. Right there in our school’s “nurse’s office.” And he really did walk back toward the front doors, but this time he exuded genuine peace.  

Afterwards he asked, “What were those books of the Bible you were telling me about?

“Well,” our LCS intercessor replied, “The Gospel of John, to fully understand Christ’s work, the book of Psalms, because David was an emotional man like you and me—and David knew how to get right with God—and the book of James, for whenever you need some [tough love].”

Moments later, they hugged and exchanged contact info.

Today our worker is going to email his new friend—just to encourage him, let him know he’s being prayed for, and to explain to the guest how their recent conversation was one of the best ministry moments of his life at LCS.

After all, our Lighthouse fella prayed that same prayer years ago—back when he returned to the straight and narrow road. And he still cannot believe how blessed he is to serve in such an amazing place.

In fact, two days from now—as that LCS servant thinks about a Thanksgiving prayer—he knows what he’ll say:

“Dear Father,

You are the God of second chances (and third, and fourth…). Thank you for reaching into that good man’s heart, and into my own (years ago), to bring us back to You.

And Jesus?  Thank You that You are not only healing the souls of little children, but You are calling men back to Yourself.

I’m grateful that I get to see it… that you use me…

In spite of myself.”

Yeah, that’s what he’ll pray. And who knows?

Maybe you’ll join him in giving thanks for all the Father is doing at LCS, in our families, and throughout an ever-darker world.

Happy Thanksgiving—and Praise God—from Lighthouse Christian School.

Warmest blessings,

Jon Johansen

School Counselor and Assistant Principal   P.S.:

Need a few devotionals to keep you/your family focused on things Above during this season? Please check out:  http://www.crosswalk.com/devotionals/devotionals-for-thanksgiving/