02 Aug

JohansenLetter from a Parent…

For years my wife and I wrestled with determining which school setting would best develop my precious young children’s health in body, mind, heart, and spirit.

After working in South Sound public schools (as a k-12 teacher and school counselor) for the better part of two decades, I was well aware that local secular options, while boasting fair test scores, did not align with my wife Jill’s and my core Biblical values.

With that in mind, she and I frequently prayed, “Lord, please show us what decision to make.” Over the course of several seasons the name of one institution continually came to mind: Lighthouse Christian School. As I began thoroughly investigating whether or not it really was a place with the passion of King David, who is described in Acts 13 as being “…a man after God’s own heart,” several things about LCS gave me a deep sense of peace.

First, the more I got to know the place, the more I realized that its staff members desperately pursue the Lord, and passionately seek to aid students develop tighter walks with Jesus. For example, one mom raved about how, on her little boy’s birthday, the male teacher had her son come to the front of the room so that he could pray over him. While the mama listened, the educator asked God to bless the dear child’s health and future.

As I heard this lady’s warm description, I sensed God drawing me nearer to a choice for Lighthouse.

After all, if my sons and daughters are going to spend hours of each day, over a period of years, with their teachers, I want those educators and I to have an educational “equal yoke (2 Cor 6:14).”

Although my wise wife and I were moving closer to an official decision for LCS, more blessings about the school came to light. One of those was regarding academic excellence.

The school has standardized testing scores in the 85th percentile, nationwide—far above most places of learning. Even so, LCS uses numerous areas of enrichment to develop the whole child via additional training in, among other things, world language, physical fitness, and the arts. In a spiritually artistic vein, middle school students have their own praise band that helps lead same-age chapel.

Speaking of which, my favorite “a-ha!” moment occurred when I first attended the elementary kids’ time of weekly worship. As songs of adoration started, I eased into a seat just behind the boys and girls. While the talented team began lifting their hearts Heavenward, my ears tuned in to something infinitely sweeter—notes of sincere praise rising from the lips of youngsters. In all honesty, I was so deeply touched by their innocent praise that I had to keep pausing to collect myself. You see, praise times at Lighthouse are tender moments of drawing nearer to the Creator “… in Spirit and truth.” But recognizing that wasn’t the end of my awakening.

After continued prayer, the Lord gave me a final piece of discerning clarity: the school board, principal, and school managers are kind, and wise, and Godly.

With all those things in mind, I now believe that Lighthouse is the crown jewel of South Sound schools. In fact, before I was resolved to send my children there, my heart-cry to be part of LCS’ mission was so strong that I applied, and was hired, for an opening at Lighthouse.

It’s an honor to write about how my children and I came to be at this precious school. I pray you’ll consider joining us here.

Warmest blessings,

Jon Johansen
Assistant Principal/School Counselor
Lighthouse Christian School