11 Oct Light Hearts at Lighthouse

My three favorite things about working at Lighthouse Christian?

Seeing students spontaneously skipping, attending chapel, and enjoying fellowship at “Lunch Bunch.”

The wee boys and girls randomly bouncing down the hallways are so cute that I never have the heart to tell ‘em to stop (unlike the “less cute” 8th grade boys who occasionally want to sprint, pell mell, through the downstairs). 😉

Something about the primary kids’ impromptu jubilance reminds me of the core joy of being a child, and usually makes me grin.  My reaction is different when hearing youngsters praise God at Chapel.

Worship is often the most heart-filling portion of my week.  In fact, nearly every Wednesday morning—when I stop and listen to the children honor Christ through song—I have to brush away a couple of tears.

If seeing kids skip makes me beam, and hearing them sing brings forth tears, having Lunch Bunch with ‘em makes me chuckle.

Each week, small groups of primary students come to my office to share a meal, play Uno, and tell one another about their lives (e.g., I recently learned all of their favorite animals).

Spending a fun mealtime in my office helps children feel comfortable.  Being at ease with me “opens the door” should they ever need my counseling assistance with deeper issues.  In addition, time with them reminds me of why I chose a career working with youngsters.  You see,

Being around these boys and girls is rejuvenating, pure, and encouraging.  As I witness their brazen joy and warm smiles, I am filled with gratitude, and remember that I am deeply blessed to be part of their lives.

I love it here.