19 Dec Why I LOVE Christmas at Lighthouse…

Dear Friends,
Late yesterday afternoon a group of elementary music students crooned “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” in my office.  Did you catch that?
I SAID that kids from a SCHOOL sang about CHRISTMAS in my OFFICE!

Trust me: in this day and age, hearing a blessed melody echo through annnnny school is a rare thing–which makes it the first item on my LCS Christmas email this year.  But wait, there’s more! 🙂

I’m happy that Lighthouse has a Christmas banner out front.  Somehow, over the past couple of decades, saying “Merry Christmas,” sadly, has become more and more taboo.  It’s refreshing that we celebrate it!

I’m relieved to serve in a place where each staff member is kind, compassionate, and Christ-loving.  I’ve never seen such a happy, healthy faculty.  Ever.

I’m blessed that LCS is a joyful place to work.  Yesterday alone I had at least three belly laughs.  Mostly courtesy of Mrs. Sturgis’ zany humor. 

We praise God at chapel!  We.  Honor.  Him.  For He alone is worthy.

The families at LCS give me strength, joy, and encouragement.  You are not “takers,” you are givers… and blessers (is that a word?).  🙂

Christ’s presence in this place is drawing me nearer to Him.  Though I expected to “pour myself out” while serving boys and girls here, I am also growing in my faith [may it always be so].

Young children skip in the hallway.  This makes me grin.  I don’t have the heart to ask ’em to stop, ’cause it’s just too cute.  Unless it’s done by comparatively giant 8th graders.  Which is decidedly less endearing. *smile*

Most of all, I love how my kids’ faith is becoming their own.  Case in point?  Thanks to the influence of Godly women like Mrs. Jimenez, Finnigan, Kelly, and Isenberg, my middle schooler is truly excited about Jesus.  Ya see:

When Abby quotes Biblical truth from Mrs. Isenberg, her eyes light up while her voice lifts with joy.  I see this “growing knowing” at all grade levels, and for each of my children.  It is the main reason I have my kids at LCS, praise God [may it always be so].

I reckon I’d better sign off.  After all, it’s time for me to order pizza to bless a group of 8th graders. 

These “table tigers,” with no demands for recompense, help clean the lunchroom each day.  Yep!  Boys and girls here are heeding their Bible teacher’s call to serve [may it always be so].

Merry Christmas from the counseling office,

Jon Johansen