01 Nov Love and Logic… at Lighthouse!!

[Warning: Space for the event described below is truly limited]*

Earlier this month I became a certified instructor for Parenting the Love and Logic WayLittle did I know that—the night after I’d returned home from that training—I’d get THREE hours to practice said skills.

That evening, one of my typically kind and calm children spent 180 minutes trying every proverbial “trick in the book” to get their way with something.

In the past this likely would have led to a power struggle and hurt feelings.

But not this time.

Utilizing a handful of skills that I’d picked up from Dr. Cline and Dr. Faye, by God’s grace I diffused the situation with loving strength, and empathetic-yet-firm boundaries!

As I Love and ‘Logic-d’ the fight right out of ‘em…

I got what I wanted, maintained a great relationship with that offspring, AND received another four days of wonderful behavior from my kiddo.  In other words—it worked!

How would you like to do the same? 

Though spots are already filled for LCS’ January and February, daytime Parenting the Love and Logic Way training series, Lighthouse is opening up one more chance for you to pick up a few new tricks with your lil’ cherubs.

Here’s the scoop:

*Heads Up for the Six-Part, L & L Training:

Spots for 50 slots, total, are to be filled on a first-to-reply to me basis—


Dates for the Six-Part Series:

Each Thursday, March 2nd-April 6th.

Times for each Session:

6:30 p.m.-7:45 p.m.


Lighthouse Christian School:  The Cove (downstairs)


TBD.  Though some therapists charge up to $800, LCS wants to keep the price under $50, total! [makes cash register sound]  More on that, later.  Bonus?

Babysitting is Included in the Above Fee!!

Mrs. Mathisen (with help from a few reliable middle schoolers) has graciously offered to watch boys and girls, ages five and up, in our gym—already pre-reserved via Mrs. Borquist.

Let’s be honest:

Cheap, reliable babysitting, alone, is more than worth the price of admission.

I’d love to have you join me, as we team up to make parenting more fun and less stressful.

Please holler soon, before your spot is taken!  😀

Warmest blessings,

“Mr. J”

Jon Johansen

School Counseling and Family Ministry