14 Jan Moving from Deep Sadness Toward Peace

For a couple of days over break, I felt like I was going under the water… but I love how the Giver can turn things around, in spite of me.

I headed out in my SUV, alone, where I could better hear Him.  While driving I forced myself to sing out praise all the way to Tacoma.  The music I worshiped to?  A powerful praise CD that an anonymous Lighthouse person placed in my teacher’s box earlier this year.

I steered toward Tacoma Mall; figured I’d shop for myself–using up Christmas gift cards from Macy’s—before feeling very clearly Led to get something for my wife instead (she who endures being married to my passionate personality).

I silently asked the Lord what I was supposed to buy her.  Again, very clearly and suddenly I knew an answer: Diamond Earrings.

“Diamond earrings?!” I’d normally argue, “How can I afford ‘em?!”  But then I was Led, forgive me for repeating this phrase, very clearly, to the same lady who helped my eldest child Abby and I to pick out my daughter’s purity ring last summer.  Ya know what was there?

Diamond studded, pretty hoops.  40% off.  + 10% off.  + 15% off.  And they suddenly became affordable.

After the lady put ‘em in a lovely box, inside a gauzy, fancy little bag, my whole outlook changed.  My heart ceased from drowning.  Crawled back on the shore to receive a couple of final instructions:

On the way home I felt Led to pick up dinner for the family, and to buy Jill pretty, bright yellow flowers to push away the shadows in our tree-circled property.

I’d love to take credit for all of this, but—knowing my natural bent toward self-centeredness—I absolutely know that Christ gets all the glory:

So often we tend to count the cost of following the Lord as far too great:

What will people think?  Won’t we miss out on some of life’s pleasures?  Don’t movies and TV shows seem to often portray believers as angry, arrogant, judgmental, hate-filled, or “simple?”  Is that how I want to be thought of?  But then I think,

I shudder to imagine where I’d be without Him…




Utterly alone.

Probably dead.

Yet here I am—far from perfect but far from those fates.  He leads me, He loves me, and He never, EVER leaves me… or you.  Speaking of which, where are you at today?

Worried?  Sad?  D’ya need His love and support as much as I do?

The High King is still here, for you and I,