19 Nov Safe Harbor in Life’s Storms

Dear Friends,

A few years ago it felt like my family stood at the edge of a great precipice.

Years of stress, sleeplessness, and desperation—resulting from month-after-month of overwhelming fear for my son’s life—left my brood depressed, and my marriage distant.

But God, the same Lord who miraculously heals cancer-stricken babies, did a miracle in the rest of us.  While He worked on all of us separately, He surely touched me individually.

First, I grabbed onto the corner of Jesus’ robe.  Each day I poured out my heart, in broken, honest prayer.  When I couldn’t find the strength to talk to Him, I choked out tearful, out of tune praise songs… a sacrifice of praise.  Afterwards,

Nearly every morning I dove into His word, usually Psalms, and found Him speaking to me there, as well as in Christian devotionals (none more than “Streams in the Desert”).  And still my Father wasn’t done…

He gave me the strength to go to trusted pastors, tell them the full truth, and ask for prayer.  Over and over.  He didn’t stop there.

Jesus led me and mine to a wonderful Christian counselor.  With her we were able to work through the deep, once-hardened soil of our hearts.  It felt good, so very good, to no longer feel alone.

Last of all, my wife and I went to a wonderful, Christian couples event called “A Weekend to Remember.”  By the end of that Sunday, I felt closer to my beloved bride than ever.

Now, years later, the desert is behind me.  My son is well.  My marriage has never been closer.  I spend time with Jesus each day, praying and reading, and trying to listen.  But while I am in a season of peace, perhaps you are being soaked by the squall.  If (or when) that’s the case…

I wanna be there for you and yours.

For example,

Could you use the names of some great Christian counselors?

I’ve got a list.

Would your child benefit from me checking in on them from time-to-time?


Could you use another prayer warrior lifting up your situation?

E-mail me.

Need to bounce ideas off of another adult?

I’m there for you.

Truth is, I know you’ll be there for me too.  May God help all of us to ease one-another’s burdens.


Warmest blessings,

Jon Johansen

School Counselor