21 Oct School Counseling Update (a Plea for Prayer)

Counseling Update

Dear Friends,

I’m dead serious when I say that your prayer cover is cherished. The Father seems to be stoking a mini-revival at LCS, and your intercession fans those flames. As such, I’d love it if you might take a few moments to pray over the following…

By God’s grace, Lighthouse Christian School’s counseling program is afforded regular opportunities to impact all students.

The “lion’s share” of the ministry breaks down into four categories, each of which would greatly benefit from your committed prayer cover:

Class presentations

Tomorrow morning I’ll lead my 18th and 19th classes of the year—most recently teaching on bullying prevention, tattling vs. reporting, and Christ’s call to love others.

Small groups

Today I was blessed to have my eighth lunchtime gathering. Seven younger students and I talked about ways to show friendliness to others. Afterwards we shared prayer requests, and lifted those burdens up to the Lord. Several other monthly small groups will be taking place over the next seven school days.

One-on-one consultations

Many children and parents have stopped in to share their worries, brainstorm, and pray. For example, yesterday a mom consulted with me after school; as a result, this morning she brought her son in to discuss his choices. And a few moments ago a blonde-haired boy stopped by to tell me of an unkind thing he witnessed.

Large group endeavors

I have been led into giving fourteen presentations to multi-age gatherings (e.g., chapel, lunchroom “teachable moment” announcements, & recess sports). Coupled with a number of newsletters and articles—prayerfully pointing folks toward faith and family—those large group outreaches are the first of many for this school year.

Thanks again for having me as your school counselor and assistant principal. I am…

Awfully blessed to be here,

Jon Johansen