15 Dec Soothing the beast inside me.

Tires and tears.

Helplessness, not Holiness.

Sanity more than vanity.

Some Saturday morn’s I go to a local school and flip a truck tire, over and over and over.  With each modified power clean, I try to wear away the sad stories I heard that week, and hurl skyward the memories that haunt me. Only…

No matter how long I grunt, and work, and spit, and sweat… no amount of maximum exertion washes my heart, cleanses my mind, or leaves my soul still.  No, that only happens when I sit, and….

Call out to the One who made me, watches over me, knows the number of hairs on my head, and regularly proves Himself my Prince of Peace.  My friends?

Where ya at today?


Feeling like all hope is gone?


Wondering if anyone really loves you?

Test Him.  Cry out to Him.  He’s here, now.

And He loves you more than you’ll ever know…

‘Til Eternity.