A strong Biblical and academic foundation.

The elementary program at Lighthouse Christian School in Gig Harbor, Washington, provides a strong Biblical and academic foundation in a nurturing environment. We strive to meet our students where they are academically, socially, and spiritually and provide them with the education, guidance, and experiences they need to establish a solid foundation.

We value and employ staff that grows with and challenges our students. We believe the traditional approach to education, with its emphasis on knowledge and content mastery, lays the necessary foundation in the students’ early years. Just as a pianist has to labor to master musical scales as a means to becoming accomplished, so a student must acquire a body of knowledge so that he or she has the tools to engage in critical, high-level thinking.

At Lighthouse, our primary emphasis during Kindergarten, first and second grade is the acquisition of foundational knowledge and understanding by each student. The curriculum consistently and comprehensively equips our students in reading, math, and language laying a foundation for skillful application of knowledge as they progress through the upper grades.

In third through 5th grades, our selected curriculum broadens as students continue to master content while increasingly applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating their knowledge.  Committed and focused teachers are conversant with current research and committed to a more inquiry-based style of teaching and learning.

Academic Highlights by Grade:

Kindergarten Highlights (.pdf)                                     Third Grade Highlights (.pdf)

First Grade Highlights (.pdf)                                        Fourth Grade Highlights (.pdf)

Second Grade Highlights (.pdf)                                   Fifth Grade Highlights (.pdf)

There are many choices for private schools in Gig Harbor, Washington we appreciate your interest in Lighthouse Christian School.  Please contact us for a tour, we’d love to discuss how Lighthouse fits with your student’s needs.