Elementary Fine Arts

Students glorify God through developing their God-given gifts and talents. Diverse exposure to multiple artistic mediums is helping our students to foster artistic and musical skills which can also bless those in the Gig Harbor area through community outreach.

Music Program:

The music room houses the elementary music program, choir programs, and after school violin class. Every elementary student has the opportunity to participate in weekly music classes to sing, learn to read music, study the history of music, learn musical instruments, and prepare for three concerts each year.  In the upper elementary years students begin playing musical instruments, learning the recorder in the 4th grade and in 5th grade having the option of playing an instrument in beginning band, or singing in the choir.

The after school Violin Class is a unique offering to the Gig Harbor/Peninsula area as the only strings class offered through a school setting. The group is under the direction of Heather De Pree.  Lighthouse students in second and third grade learn to play the violin as well as the dynamics of how to perform in a group ensemble.  While primarily structured around the Suzuki method, the violinists have also entered into chamber orchestra pieces for the second year students.

5th Grade Band:

The band program begins in fifth grade and offers students a way to study music through wind and percussion instruments.  The band meets two days a week as a regular 45-minute class period during the school day.  The Fifth Grade Band performs twice a year at LCS formal programs. They also attend the Elementary Musicale in March where they play and perform with other Christian Elementary School bands. Students learn basic music theory; how to correctly hold and play their instrument, and how to perform in an ensemble.

Middle School Band:
The Middle School Band is an intermediate level group that is focused on continuing skill development and the refinement of working together as an ensemble.  The Middle School Band performs at two formal programs in the winter and spring.  They also attend the Junior High Musicale in March. The Navigator Marching Band takes part in the Maritime Gig Parade in June, and jazz band is also offered as an elective.  We are a part of the Columbia Basic Music Educators Association, which hosts a middle school honor band every year for qualified students. We are also a part of the Washington Music Educators Association that offers individual students and smaller ensembles the opportunity to perform at solo and ensemble festival.  The band meets three days a week during an elective class period.

Art Program:

The elementary art program for kindergarten through 5th grade is a weekly time dedicated for creativity and praise through art. Students learn the basic elements of art as well as art history. Students take part in grade-appropriate projects that challenge them to use many different mediums. From crayons to paint, sculpture, and clay, students are constantly encouraged to problem solve and be creative using both the right and left sides of their brains.

Middle School students (grades 6 through 8th) have many opportunities for creativity and self-expression allow even the timidest artists to shine. In middle school, art becomes an elective where students can choose from a selection of traditional art classes or they can choose classes that focus on digital and technology art.  Students explore sculpture/ceramics, fused glass, drawing, painting in traditional art, and digital photography, yearbook, and digital marketing with an emphasis on art in business in the technology-based art classes. In the classroom, art is used as a wonderful springboard to teach many Biblical principles.

Each year every student who takes art has the opportunity to create their own professionally printed greeting card through the Art Alliance Program. These cards spread the love of Christ throughout our community. These cards are available for purchase to parents and relatives, with proceeds going back into the art program. These funds supplement the art budget, paying for professional artists in the community to come and teach classes throughout the school and enabling the purchase of supplies for our sister school in Liberia.