Middle School

Middle school is a time in a student’s life when they are deciding who they want to be and developing habits that last a lifetime.

At Lighthouse Christian School in Gig Harbor Washington, the middle school program focuses on providing an engaging environment where students can begin to think analytically about the world they live in, where they can learn what a Biblical worldview looks like while staying culturally relevant.  Students can continue to represent their school in athletic competition, excel in academics, and explore fine arts, technology, leadership, community service, and other subjects in greater depth. Lighthouse is a place where students are safe, where friendships are developed for life, where a Biblical world view is established and nurtured and where students learn to defend that worldview.

Middle school at Lighthouse Christian School is a place where students are motivated to learn, to grow, to serve, to have fun and to excel. More importantly, they are taught to think critically and to challenge secular thought.  A Biblical worldview pervades every subject taught.

High Academic Standards

At Lighthouse Christian, middle school students are challenged to push for knowledge, to learn self-discipline in their academic studies and to strive for more understanding of this world God created. The academic standards are high, but teachers are available to support those who need extra time and attention in the learning process.  Over the years, standardized testing has proven that Lighthouse students average in the top 15th percentile in the nation on standardized testing. In the 2018-19 school year, our 8th-grade graduates tested in the 90th percentile in math, language arts, and reading in standardized testing.

Middle School Highlights (.pdf)

There are many choices for middle school in Gig Harbor, we appreciate your interest in Lighthouse Christian School.  Please contact us for a tour, we’d love to discuss how Lighthouse fits with your middle school student’s needs.